Recruitment = Success!

Hey Homework Zone friends!

I am really excited to share the great news that we have surpassed all past semesters in applicants for HZ this semester, we have had over 120 applications come in!! We have many returning volunteers, both from last semester as well as previous years of HZ. Our new mentors are from many different years and faculties at McGill, and I am so excited to meet every single one of them.

We are having our Orientation this Saturday (January 23) at New Residence Hall at 1 PM and don’t worry returning volunteers, we’ve changed the agenda slightly so you won’t find the orientation redundant. Get excited for fun station activities designed to help you overcome all your HZ difficulties, with the #1 being what to do when your mentee “doesn’t have any homework”. We all know we’ve heard that one before! I’ll be back online soon to share new resources and tips that we’ll be sharing at orientation :)

I’m really pumped for this semester and I hope you all are too!

– your HZ coord

Recruiting New Volunteers!!

A new semester of university means a new semester of Homework Zone!

We are currently recruiting new volunteers to add on to the magnificent Homework Zone team. Homework Zone is perfect for you if you:

  • love spending time with and working with kids
  • want to meet a diverse group of students at McGill
  • want to find a way to give back to the Montreal community

Here are some comments about Homework Zone from the Fall 2015 volunteers:

” I love the community built between the school but also my fellow McGill students. I feel I have made so many connections and bonds with so many people. I also love the opportunities HZ provides for kids. It is incredible to watch the growth in these few short weeks. I am really impressed by the work done through it and I cannot wait to continue to be a part of it”

“HZ provided a great change to get out of the McGill ‘bubble’ and a distraction from our busy student life. It was also fulfilling, great to interact with kids and see firsthand how you are able to teach and accompany them.”

“I am so appreciative of this opportunity. I cannot wait to come back next semester for more fun. I am so lucky to have found HZ in my first semester at McGill because it gives me the chance to continue with this program for the next three years. I will be telling everyone about Homework Zone and encouraging others to join as I think its a truly remarkable program.”

If you’d like to be a part of this wonderful experience, fill out the short application form here!


Happy Holidays!

With the Fall 2015 Homework Zone semester wrapped up, I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all our mentors for outdoing themselves in their roles with the kids!! This year, we decided to finish the semester with some holiday spirit. We made gingerbread houses! The creativity seen by the kids was incredible – we saw traffic lights, red carpets, guards, chimneys and so much more! Check out some photos from this fun activity. IMG_1055IMG_1090IMG_1128IMG_1145

A Cool Way to Teach your Mentee

This week, we noticed one of our mentors on the computer with her mentee – both captivated by what they were looking at on the screen and engaged in discussion. It turns out, she was teaching her mentee about what she is studying at McGill! This amazing website is a great representation of the scale of the universe, interactively engaging and teaching you about the smallest aspects of the universe (quantum foam, 10^-35 m) to the estimated size of the entire universe (10^26 * 9.3 meters). The images are simplified and relatable, and it takes what Science students learn and make it easy for young students to understand. Thank you to this lovely mentor for introducing such an amazing website to the rest of the Homework Zone family!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.53.57 AM

Reflection Session!

Last week we had an awesome reflection session with Megan Webster about Eliciting and Interpreting Student Thinking. She posed a very interesting question that got our mentors thinking – what does learning mean? The mentors engaged in interesting discussion starting with this question and then talking about different teaching methods. Check out a video that we watched here: that really got everyone thinking about what the right method of teaching is. Thank you Megan!

Socio-Emotional Goals!

This semester at Homework Zone, we have introduced our mentors to a new set of goals that they can work towards with their menses – socio-emotional goals! These 5 goals are great tools to set the tone for each Homework Zone session and are actually all related to one another. Not only that, but I have found that they help me in my daily life! Check them out :) Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.49.44 PM

Apply to Homework Zone!

Do you like working with kids? 

Do you need an outlet for your creativity?

Do you want to explore new neighbourhoods in Montreal? 

Do you want to get involved?

Then you’ve found the right place to look!

Applications for Homework Zone are now open for the Fall 2015 Semester! Apply by clicking on About > Apply or by following this link Applications due September 21. Looking forward to an exciting new semester!!

Updated HZ banner from website

Wheel of words – emotions

Wheel of words – emotions

At the schools, we’ve talked about the kids’ growing “emotional keyboard,” and our role as mentors in teaching the kids how to express themselves. This wheel might be a great tool to use to help your mentee put words on … Continue reading

How to draw anything

Here is a great resource on how to draw practically anything – this can be useful both for mentors discovering their artistic side, and for mentees that want to push themselves a little further! This series is inspired by children’s books, and includes tips on drawing alien invasions, thumbprint finches (check it out), sloths, anything really…

This is what I mean by thumb finch. Now say “thumb finch” very fast 5 times.

Discover Montréal: Culture in the City

Montreal is famous for its cultural scene, and while as students we may be very busy, it would be a crime not to spare an afternoon or an evening per semester to enjoy what the city has to offer.

The magazine VOIR’s cultural calendar lists theatre productions, art exhibits, concerts and more on a daily basis. The calendar itself is in French, but a few of its listings are of English-language shows, while the links to art exhibits are usually in both French and English.

The English-Language Arts Network is a fantastic resource to discover English-speaking artists from Montreal and Quebec, and also to keep up with events within the anglophone artistic community.

A personal favourite of mine is the famous Belgo Building, just a few minutes’ walk away from McGill’s downtown campus, and filled with dozens of art galleries and artists’ studios – you can just walk in and explore new talent. To know more about what goes on in the Belgo, you can check out their gorgeous website, The Belgo Report.

“Conte de fée” by Mirana Zuger, exhibited at L’Espace Robert Poulin in the Belgo in 2014